Thursday, January 7, 2010

So it's been a couple months and a lot has happened. First of all, I had our baby girl November 21, 2009 at 8:38 am. We named her Maddison Grace Lewis and she has been such a blessing in our lives already. She has brought so much love to our family especially during the Holidays. well Thanksgiving was the Thursday after I had her and so we stayed home to prevent her or any of us from getting sick. It was nice because my mom came down and barely made it here when I got a call from the Hospital telling me to go in. Let me back track a little, if you remember back in July when I has hurt my back well I was getting better until the baby started growing bigger and then I started having blood pressure problems that would make me blackout and breathing troubles which is expected but I couldn't get up to help or get after my kids. My knees would give out randomly which made it hard to walk. I couldn't sit down cause it would pinch off my aorta and then of course I would blackout. My heart would beat so fast it physically ached. So pretty much the last month and a half was really hard. My mom, (thank goodness for moms) came down Halloween and stayed for a week and a half helping me with the girls and left for a week and came back when I had the baby. I was able to get some rest while she was here which is definitely nice when you have older kids. So when my mom went back home with my dad after Thanksgiving the real fun kicked in. Having 3 kids and home alone...............It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Of course the girls thought they were little mommies and helped out as much and more than needed but they needed mommy time. That's been the hardest part is dividing time between the 2 older ones and the absolutely dependent newborn. Thank goodness for Brandon. He has been such a saint since Maddi came and I'm glad I'm not a single parent. After a long day of work Brandon would come home and take the girls to the park for awhile to get them out of the house because obviously I couldn't. It's been heavenly having a helpful spouse.
Well in December it was my mom's, dad's and sister's Amber and Sadee birthdays. Everyone got a year older. Go figure! Well my parents had a christmas party the weekend after my dad's birthday so me and the girls went up on his birthday and went to my parents ward Christmas party. The girls got to have their picture taken with Santa and Rachel, like most little kids, started crying. We stayed the weekend and Kim, Carl, and Kalli came up Friday night. What a hectic night of no sleep. Oh did I mention that Rachel was cutting her last toddler teeth. It was nice to spend some time with them and we only had to travel to Fillmore. How sad that the difference between Mesquite and Hurricane puts a big damper on us seeing each other. We headed home Monday and got things packed to head back up to Spanish Fork on Thursday. On Wednesday we went over to our friends Mark and Erin's place cause he got to come home from Basic training for a week. It was nice to see him. We made it to Spanish Fork on Thursday amidst a couple stops for the kids to play in the snow and feeding breaks. We had a great time with Brandon's side of family and the girls loved having Sadee, Becky, Peter, Joseph and Dallin to play with. Christmas day was fun and good to have done with. On Saturday we went to the church building for family pictures and luncheon with other relatives. It was good to see Jessica and her kids and Jon and Hailey and their 3 girls. Ed & JaNae with Sammy and Leah, and EJ with his new wife Brinn. They just got married on the 18th of Dec and they made it out of the house the week after. WOW!!! It was fun to eat and visit with family we don't get to see very often. Love you guys. We came back home on Monday. We had Mark and Erin family, Rick and Danielle, and Sadee over for New Year's Eve and had Turkey dinner which was delicious. We played games and visited until the New Year and here we are up to present for the time being. I'll post some pictures later.


Big Mama said...

Wow! You have great strength, which does not surprise me. Congrats on the new one. It was good to talk to you the other day.

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