Saturday, October 17, 2009

Park, Kalli, Birthday and Party~*~*~*~
*Well it's been a little while since I posted so here we go. In September we took a trip up north for a Girls Reunion and it was great to see everyone and their little ones. We stayed at my parent for a couple days then went up to my other parents Friday night and stayed til Monday morning. It felt so good to get out of the heat. When we got to my parents house their plum tree was loaded with fruit. Well there was a bottom branch that hung down from the weight of it all and by the time we left it had been picked clean from Kaitlin sharing with us all, YUMMY!!! We ventured on up to Spanish Fork Friday afternoon and had a wonderful time with the Lewis family. On Saturday we had a picnic at the park and feed the ducks, then played on the Jungle gym and I took some pictures. Look at this picture very close and notice how the ducks enter the water. I thought it was quite unique when I was going through my pictures.

Kaitlin liked to feed the ducks.....

and Rachel loved to chase them.

All of us on the pond dock.

Rachel absolutely loves to swing.

Kaitlin too.

Just hanging out.

Little shadow-does everything Kaitlin does

What a cute pose!!!

Just taking a break from the vigorous life of a child.

Rachel glares a lot, can you tell.

**Well here in October we watched cousin Kalli (Kim's daughter) on Conference Saturday and I had to take some pictures to show their cousinly love.

Kate and Kalli

These little creepers out to get me!!!

Kalli eating, Kaitlin running and Rachel climbing into the window seal. BUSY KIDS!!!

***Well October 5th was Kaitlin's 4th Birthday and she wanted a pink cake with brown on top, hence Strawberry cake with chocolate frosting.

Rachel wanted to blow the candle out so she climbed up to be by her sister.

Kaitlin all excited and making her wish before blowing out the candle.

Aunt Sadee opening Kaitlin's silly string. Was fun while it lasted and left a moist mess.

Kaitlin getting shot by dad.

Sadee got it pretty good, look at those gorgeous highlights!!!

****On the 6th we had her party at the City Park which turned out real fun and we were glad the weather was good, perfect October weather.

Blowing out Birthday candle!!!

Opening presents

She looks so thrilled about getting candy.

She got some neat things like this stamp set and....

These ponies.

We gave the kids each a baggy of snappers and they had fun. The funny thing was that half of them never popped so Brandon was out stepping on them to snap them.
Silly kids. All in all Great Party.


sarahblad said...

you have such cute girls, im glad you have a blog it makes it easy to keep in touch!

mommy princess said...

I love the pictures of your girls playing in the park. It's so funny to watch the little ones try and be like the big ones. That's how it is at our house. I've been trying to make it to lunch at the park. But it seems like every Tuesday something comes up!!:(

Phil and Kelly said...

Brooke you look so good!! I miss you. your girls are so cute too!