Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~*~ Well not much is going on with us. We did have Brandon's sisters Becky and Delena with her son Joseph come down Valentines weekend as well as my parents and Stefanie with my niece Kalli. We had such a fun weekend and it was sad to see everyone leave. Thanks for visiting. Oh yeah, Jon Toone came and visited and he actually brought his girlfriend Emily over. Really nice/cute girl. Go Jon!!! Well anyway, my baby Rachel turns the big "1" next Wed and it's kind of sad. Darn kids keep growing up. My kids have been sick for the past week and a half so we missed church twice in a row and I sometimes feel like a hermit.
~*~ I borrowed a friends workout DVD's called P90X and man it kicks your butt. I can't believe how out of shape I am. I tried the first day on Friday with Brandon and the second on Sat by myself. I think I did pretty good considering I don't exercise much. I took the breaks when they did and tried to do everything full out. But come Sunday my body didn't want to move or at least my calves, hips, hamstrings, gluts, pretty much my lower half. Plyometrics kicks butt. Well Tuesday night Brandon decided he needed to do the Plyo workout (keep in mind these workouts are 1 full hour long with maybe four 30 second breaks for water and to towel off), well it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. About 20 minutes into it he was spent. He still did the rest of it but being the bigger person he is he couldn't pull his knees toward his chest very well. I hope he keeps doing this cause I like having someone to workout with although it's hard with kids. Brandon has started working out for Scottish Games again and he was also invited to a Strongman Competition which he is pumped about.
~*~ Well pretty much my lifeline left me, ya you Jessica. They decided to move up north and now Kaitlin misses Makayla and Rachel misses James so bad. Well we hope all is well with you guys.
~*~ Back to V-day. We watched Joseph while Delena went to Lisa Duke's Wedding and Delena gave us a gift card to the theaters, which was unnecessary but graciously accepted. Then Becky watched our girls while we went to our Church Dinner which was nice not to have to wait in line for hours or even pay for the food, plus great company. We went home and got ready for a movie and watched "TAKEN". Very intense movie a lot like "Human Trafficking". So I'm never letting my kids travel outside of the US and maybe even Utah. Too much bad stuff out there for such innocent little ones. How sad and ridiculous is the world today. Well there changed the loving feeling to obsessive protectiveness. Went home and everyone was asleep and I put my hand in my pocket to find my phone and nothing. Thought it might have fallen out in the car and figured I would get it in the morning, so we go to sleep. Next thing I know Brandon's yelling at me about something as he storming out of the room. I sat up in a daze and listened for some clue then I hear him coming back in. He sat Kaitlin by me and went in to the kitchen and grabbed some medicine. Kaitlin was still half asleep and upset but she hurried and swallowed it. Brandon went to put the medicine away while Kaitlin was sitting by me when she coughed and vomited all over me, the bed and pillows. PERFECT!!! So when Brandon walks back in I tell him to turn the lights on and grab some towels. After we get everything cleaned up and finally settle Kaitlin down. Rachel started crying. I go check on her when I hear Joseph start crying in the next bedroom and this happened back and forth all night.
~*~ Happy Valentine's Day Right!!!