Saturday, July 26, 2008

We've created a monster

Well here we are on this beautiful summer day in southern Utah. For those of you who know us we have two beautiful daughters Kaitlin who is 2 and Rachel who is 5 months. Brandon and I are enjoying our first home in Hurricane even though it is hot hotty hot hot. This past month has been adventurous in the sense that we've been up north first for my 5 year reunion(wow I'm old) and the next weekend for Brandon to compete in the Scottish Festival in Payson. He did amazing for a rookie. Out of the 7 events he took 3 golds in the weight for distance lightweight and heavyweight, and the stone toss. His first time turning the caber he thru a perfect score of 12 o'clock and had a little harder time the other turns. He ended up wining overall and was shocked. Not bad for a first time competing. A week later he was making a hammer to practice with and ended up slicing his thumb. I took him to the clinic and got him stitched up and lookin' good. My sister had her baby girl Kalli on the 24th of July up in Wyoming so I haven't been able to hold her darn it. Well that's a good update for now and will post soon.